TCS Services Terms & Conditions


Shipment Insurance




Cash Settlement

Shipment Prerequisites

  1. Prices are for the first 2KG or 22cm x 22cm x 22cm.
  2. For bigger weights and sizes, an additional EGP 1.5 is added for each 1/2 KG according to the highest of the following two values:
    1. Actual extra Weight using a weight scale.
    2. Volumetric Weight that is calculated using the formula (multiplication of length, width and height in cm and dividing the result by 6000).
  3. Maximum allowed weight/shipment in 10 KG and max dimensions are 100cm x 50cm x 30cm.
  4. Maximum value/shipment is EGP 10,000
  5. We do not deal with the following types of shipments: (Furniture – Cash – fluids of any kind – food – Medications or chemicals – cosmetics prone to temperature damage – drugs – fragile stuff – stuff that gets damaged by bending or scratching during transportation and handling – any law prohibited objects – pets or living creatures - expensive objects because of material they are made of or craftsmanship – jewelry).
  6. If the shipper sends any of the prohibited categories above, the company has the right to reject it. If it was accepted by mistake, negligence or on good will basis, the responsibility still falls on the shipper solely without any liabilities on TCS.
  7. TCS is not responsible for the shipment content and its delivery responsibility seizes right after delivery.
  8. In case TCS suspected the content of any shipment, it has the right to open for a health check.
  9. Shipper is fully responsible for packing the shipments in a way that completely protects it from damages like scratches, cracks, distortion and bending or components split during handling and transportation and thus has no right in complaining about such damages in case of failing at properly packaging the shipments (shipments are handled in a way similar to airline companies handling bags that are left at the conveyor and stored inside the plane as belly cargo).
  10. Optional Insurance does not waive the shipper from properly packaging the shipments in a way that completely protects it from all sorts of damages mentioned above from the pickup point until it reach its destinations via the standard handling and transportation procedures of couriers like TCS.

Service Rate Card

Serial Description Fees in EGP Notes
1 Shipping within Cairo/Alex 35 Shipments not allowed to be opened by Consignee (default).
2 Shipping between Cairo/Alex and vice versa 45 Shipments not allowed to be opened by Consignee (default).
3 Shipment versus shipment +10 On top of the shipping fees
4 Allowing a shipment to be opened +10 On top of the shipping fees Max 15 min runner waiting time
5 Payment Request 50 Can not be cancelled once the runner left for execution
6 Cancelled Shipments 50% of shipping fees Any shipment cancelled after being collected in a pickup or was not delivered because of consignee unavailability.
7 Optional Insurance of shipments 1% of shipment value To be reimbursed in case of loss or damage due to company operations not to improper packaging by shipper.


Shipping to other governorates within Egypt
50 Canal Cities

Services (3,4,5 & 7) do not apply

Full fees to be collected even if cancelled

Fees collected from consignee if accepted or from shipper if consignee rejected or was not reachable.
55 Delta Cities
70 Fayoum – Beni Suif – Menya – Asyuit - Sohag

Qena – Luxor – Aswan – Sharm El Sheikh – Hurghada- Marsa Matruh
100 Safaga – Qusseir – Ras Ghareb

Cash Settlement Methods
Branch Settlement free At any TCS Branch provided a notice is given by client 48 hours prior to the visit
Bank Transfer 5 via QNB (CIB soon) In case of other banks, transfer charges are covered by client aside to the EGP 5
Runner delivery 20 With a max limit of EGP 10,000

Shipper Required Data

  1. Name, Middle Name and Surname are required to create an account.
  2. Company Name is required. If no Company Name is provided, client full name will be displayed on the AWB at the Company Name field.
  3. Default Phone Number – others can be added – representing the official contact number for the account and through which all actions are taken with TCS and with which TCS can reach customer via calls or important notifications SMS.
  4. A copy of a valid National ID/Passport to be sent to
  5. To activate the service, TCS Call Centre will send the client via mail the detailed T&Cs that were briefly shared with the client during the Welcome Call and the client has to kindly reply back with an acceptance mail.

Pickup Prerequisites and required data

  1. Pickups are requested before 12:00pm daily for a pickup to be collected on the same day. If a pickup request is made past noon time, the pickup will either be collected the following day or at any other convenient time for the shipper.
  2. Shipper can drop the pickup at any TCS Branch starting 11:00 till 18:00. After this time, pickup is recorded the following working day.
  3. No shipment is received without it 2 copies of the Job Order that are carefully and fully filled by only the shipper. No runner should be asked to do so on behalf of the shipper. In all cases, provided written data is the shipper responsibility and TCS preserves its right in rejecting any shipment whose shipper refused to fill in the forms in person.
  4. Shipper should clearly state the COD value on the Job Order.
  5. Max time allowed for the runner at the pickup location is the adequate time to review the pickup shipments and pre-filled forms in order to have time to provide our services for other valued clients. In case the shipper happened to be not ready yet, the runner has the right to politely apologize for not collecting the pickup, leave and pass on a later date to finish the job.
  6. In case of missing or unclear shipment data, TCS does not proceed with its delivery. In such cases, TCS contacts the shipper to complete the data or ask for clarifications on the following working day and hence proceed with the delivery procedures. In case data stayed missing or unclear for 3 days, shipments are returned to the shipper who would be asked to pay for the cancelled shipping fees.

Lost or Damaged Shipments Compensation Policy

  1. In case of a lost uninsured shipment, TCS has a grace period of 3 working days to fetch it. In case of loss confirmation, TCS will compensate the shipper with EGP 100 or the shipment value, whichever is less.
  2. In case of a lost insured shipment, TCS has a grace period of 3 working days to fetch it. In case of loss confirmation, TCS will compensate the shipper by the full value of the shipment.
  3. In case of policy misuse by specific clients, TCS preserves the right to put their accounts into hold and take necessary legal measures if required.
  4. Same policies apply for damaged shipments without the need for the 3 days grace period (damage here is caused by TCS and not because the shipper packaging is prone to damage).
  5. Shipper has no right in claiming a compensation in case of a shipment that was damaged due to improper or inadequate packaging done by the shipper that did not withstand the standard courier operations (please refer to Shipments Prerequisites).
  6. In case a shipment was lost/damaged while its specific job order originally did not contain the shipment value, the shipper has no right in claiming a value for this shipment that is higher than EGP 100. Both insured and non insured shipments are treated similarly in such cases

Postponed Deliveries – Issues with Delivery – Returns

  1. No shipment delivery should be postponed for more than 1 week for issues related either to the shipper or the consignee. If so, shipments are returned to the shipper and service fees are collected from the shipper.
  2. In case of issues related to shipments wrong or incomplete data that can not be resolved within 4 days, shipments are returned to the shipper and shipping fees are collected from the shipper.
  3. Returned shipments are delivered back to the shipper each Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week.
  4. In case TCS is not able to deliver returns to the shipper within a max of 30 days due to reasons related to the shipper, the liability of these shipments on TCS fully seizes, the shipper has no rights to claim related to those shipments and TCS has the full right to get rid of those shipments in the way it sees most appropriate. Also the shipper has to pay to TCS any due service fees related to these shipments.

Frequency of Cash Settlement

  1. Daily   Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday of each week
  2. Weekly  Either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday of each week.
  3. Biweekly  Either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday after the 1st & the 15th of each month.
  4. Monthly  Either Sunday, Tuesday or Thursday after the 1st of each month.
  5. The shipper has 1 exception per month in changing the frequency assigned to his/her cash settlement. In such a case, the shipper needs to inform TCS prior to that change with at least 48 hours.

General Terms & Conditions

  1. Greater Cairo and Alex shipments are delivered within 48 hours following the pickup date, taking into consideration the weekends and public holidays.
  2. Rest of Egypt cities shipments are delivered within 96 hours following the pickup date, taking into consideration the weekends and public holidays.
  3. TCS holds the right to outsource its delivery business to other service providers while still remaining the customer interface and held responsible for these outsourced shipments.
  4. In case the Cash Settlement value exceeds EGP 10,000, it has either to be collected from one of TCS branches, transferred via a Bank Transfer or to be divided into splits of EGP 10,000 and delivered by a runner.
  5. In case a shipment was rejected by a consignee and the consignee refused to pay the delivery fees, the fees are to be paid by the shipper.
  6. The shipment is treated as a whole unit that can not be divided into components unless it was allowed to be opened by the shipper at a separate fee for that (please refer to the Service Rate Card) and TCS will is not held responsible for the shipment components.
  7. In case the shipper cancelled a shipment that was already picked up by TCS -even at a TCS branch – the shipper is due to pay 50% of the delivery fees of the subject shipment.
  1. Cash Settlements and Returns are delivered to the shipper in person or anyone that was delegated by the shipper through a recorded voice call with the Call Center via his registered phone number. Cash Settlements have to be well-counted and revised before leaving a TCS branch or before TCS runner leaves the shipper location.
  2. Delay in deliveries is not TCS liability as long as the reason behind that delay is against TCS will or falls out of its control.
  3. TCS is non operational during Fridays, Public Holidays and publicly agreed bridges.
  4. TCS is not held liable for the quality of the shipped products and its compatibility to the consignee requirements. Disputes related to such cases belong solely to the shipper and consignee and TCS has nothing to do with it.
  5. The shipper has the right to ask for the feature “Shipments Allowed to be Opened” for all or some of his/her shipments noting that the feature comes at an extra cost as mentioned in the Rate Card, taking into consideration that under any circumstances no shipment status can be changed from the default “Not to be Opened” to “Allowed to be Opened” after being picked up.
  6. TCS will not be held responsible for damaged/replaced/exchanged shipments components if its is flagged “Allowed to be Opened” for the consignee.
  7. In case a shipment was opened while it was not allowed to, TCS will not compensate the shipper with the shipment value, it will only compensate him/her with EGP 50.
  8. In case the shipper flagged a shipment with “Allowed to be Opened”, shipper has to clearly state the components different prices on it and on the job order or else it will be considered as “Not Allowed to be Opened”. In case the consignee refused to receive it and pay for the fees, TCS will not revert back to the shipper and he/she will pay the shipping fees. Please note that the maximum shipment components are 3.
  9. In case of a complaint, please contact the Call Center or send an email to
  10. TCS has the right to review and alter the Terms & Conditions from time to time without prior notice.